Year One

Sept 2018 Yr 1 Parents Letter

Variety Show Photographs 13.7.18

Daisy and Jemima
We have been really enjoying seeing how big the ducks have grown over the last few weeks. We have learnt about how to take care of ducks and what they need to grow up healthy and strong. Daisy and Jemima have different personalities, Daisy likes falling asleep on a lap but Jemima doesn’t like to be held. We like watching them sunbathing outside of our classroom and enjoy seeing them digging around for something to eat.

Gressenhall trip
The children in Year One had a brilliant day at Gressenhall. They learnt a lot about the animals and saw some new born lambs. We learnt how people used to clean their house in the past with salt and a brush and helped dust the sitting room in the old farm house.

Yr 1 Summer 1 Class Newsletter

Year 1 Class Letter Spring Term

Year 1 Phonics Stay & Play

Stay and Play
Year One would like to say a big thank you to all of the parents that came to our stay and play session. The children really enjoyed sharing their learning with you all.

Gruffalo tea party!

Year One enjoyed their Gruffalo tea party. The children tasted ‘scrambled snake’, ‘sticks’ from owls tree top house and ‘roasted fox’ sandwiches.


Year One have been working hard with forming numbers correctly and ordering numbers. We played number ordering games and used chalk to write our numbers on the playground.

Year One went on a Gruffalo hunt!

Year One have been looking for clues around school that a Gruffalo lives in the outdoor area. We found lots of footprints, broken sticks and even a Gruffalo den!

 Yr 1 Class Letter September 2017