Year Five

Class Letter Yr 5 Spring 2019 (1)

Togetherness Cafe 30.1.19

Another great afternoon was hosted by Year 5 and 6, as they came together with their families to solve some mathematical problems.  Here are some of the comments the families made:

Fantastic opportunity to be involved in mathematics in a fun way. Thank you.

Really enjoyed it, certain puzzles were a bit tricky but fun

Kids are having fun and learning at the same time!

Nice time for parents and children to interact and know how they do their lessons.

Really enjoyed working with my child and others in their school environment. Making maths fun was very encouraging.

Christmas Performance

Togetherness Cafe 23/11/18

After our school Class Mass, we had our Togetherness Cafe.  We started our time together sharing some cake and squash.  A couple of children then read a persuasive argument that we had been working on as a response to the poetry book we had been reading.  Having read a poem we worked with our families to write our own poem about our homes.  We made sure that we made reference to all of the five senses in our writing. Due to feedback from previous Cafes and the numbers of parent attending, we moved the learning to the hall, to give us more space to work. Towards the end of our time together we shared some of the writing that we had been engaged in.  Here are some of the comments that our parents and carers made about the event:-

It was really nice meeting.  the only thing to improve – maybe more time for the project? Thank you.

It was a nice experience to be with the children, to be involved in their learning. Thank you.

The topic, place and time just right! Good for the moral of the children!

It was a really good experience. We had more space to sit down. Love to have this with maths and science.

Much better in the hall, more room. the content of the morning was good, nice to do something creative with your child.

The morning session after mass worked really well for me. I enjoyed the cafe and the chance to work with the children.

I had a great time in the cafe, we should do this more often, especially after Mass.  Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

Lovely time after a wonderful Mass. great activity and amazing quality time with my child..

Yr 5 Homework Autumn Term 1 2018

Sept 2018 Yr 5 Parents Letter

Variety Show Photographs 13.7.18