Pupil Premium Funded Enrichment Opportunities

 We receive Pupil Premium allocation in our school budget and within the budget we allocate a set amount to support pupils in and outside of school with Pupil Premium Funded Enrichment Opportunities

This money is not an unlimited fund.  Once all the money in the fund has been allocated during a school year, there will be no further money until the next school year.  For this reason, we have to ask all those parents who request support through this fund to complete a form so that we can ensure equality of opportunity and fairness of allocation.

If you are interested to know more or would like to access an Pupil Premium Funded Enrichments Opportunity, please click on the links below.

If you would like help with this form or need it to be translated, please get in touch and we will help you.

Pupil Premuim Funded Enrichment Opportunities Guidelines

Funded Enrichment Opportunties Request Form