Our Curriculum statement

At St Mary and St Peter Catholic Primary School, children’s academic, social and emotional development is at the centre of our learning journey and our mission is to inspire a joy and wonder of learning, through nurturing, supporting and challenging each other, whatever our talents and needs, as we are ‘journeying together in faith’.

Our school values are at the heart of our curriculum and children are motivated to be resilient and reflective learners, who are actively involved in their learning and progress. Children are responsible for choosing their own level of challenge in mixed ability groups and regularly reflect on their next steps and  and give feedback to each other through peer critique.

Our school curriculum is planned using a thematic pathway, which allows children to experience a theme or topic in greater detail and achieve a deeper level of knowledge, exploration and communication skills through our school learning powers.  We aim to achieve a broad balance of the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum as well as provide children with a rich culture of discovery and enquiry through a range of different opportunities beyond the National Curriculum to develop children as enthusiastic, inquisitive and independent learners and thinkers.

Curriculum Maps

Y1 Curriculum Map 2015

Y2 Curriculum Map 2015

Y3 Curriculum Map 2015

Y4 Curriculum Map 2015