The school is an orderly community based on mutual respect and care for one another.  We want children to understand the need for good behaviour and to make their own decisions accordingly.  We talk in terms of responsibility towards each other rather than punishment – in other words, we aim for self-discipline rather than control.

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 21.32.07These expectations apply all the time to everyone in every part of our school

The school code of conduct, Mindset, Peace, Respect, and class rules are discussed and agreed between children and adults, and children are aware of the consequences of not choosing to follow this agreement.  These consist of staged reminders, followed if necessary by a withdrawal of privileges.  At all stages children are given the responsibility for making their own behaviour choices, and offered opportunities to put the situation right.  Children who find this difficult are given additional support.

We will always inform parents if their child’s behaviour is giving us cause for concern or cause for celebration.  We expect positive relationships between everyone.  These relationships are built through the expectation of dignity and mutual respect being shown to all.

This means that:

• children have a right to learn – and adults have a right to teach

• noise levels will be appropriate to the situation and task

• movement around the school will cause no disruption to others

• property and the environment will be looked after and respected

• bullying, in any form, will not be tolerated

We pride ourselves on the safe, happy and successful learning community that we provide for all.   Indeed, this is a strength of the school and we receive many compliments from those who are visiting our school as well as from those who know us well.  Our system gives children clear, positive guidelines as well as supportive programmes to rectify unacceptable behaviour.


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