Year Two


We have been looking at some of the symbols that are used to represent the Holy Spirit. we have also been listening to the story of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came to the disciples.  Look at the great art work we did in response to the story.

Y2 summer letter 2017 (1)

Year 2 Puzzle Cafe 8.12.16

An amazing number of parents/carers  joined their children in a Puzzle Cafe today.  Where the children get to make their own 100 bead string to take home.  WE had to be really accurate counting to 10 and then making the right number of lots of 10 to make up to 100 beads on each string.  Every child in the class has made a string to take home.  I wonder how many beads we used?

Find out how we use 100 bead strings here!


Year 2 Visitors said:

“Fab time spent with the kids as always.”

“It was lovely, as always, to see how many ways we can help in the home teaching maths.  Thank you so much.”

“It was lovely seeing my grandchild with her class. Such a friendly atmosphere. Thank you.”

“Thank you. Nice to see the children working together and helping each other. Lovely time.”

Baptism Learning

We have been learning about the Signs and Symbols that are used in Baptism. We have a go at our own pretend baptisms.  We also thought about the symbol of a lit candle and made a label for a candle to take home, so that we could share our learning with our families.

Judaism Learning

We had a visit from two people from the Synagogue.  They explained to us what happens during Shabbat.

Welcoming others to our community

We have been thinking of ways to help people make good new beginnings.  We have designed cards for children in Nursery and Reception to welcome them to our school.


RE – New Beginnings

We have been thinking about new beginnings in Year 2.  We have been exploring different new beginnings, and thinking about the emotions that we feel in different sorts of new beginnings.  We acted out some of the different new beginnings that we had been part of.


Christmas story

in RE we have been exploring the christmas story through drama, story telling and art. We have worked together to produce these beautiful illustrations. Can you guess which part of the story they represent?

Judaism Fortnight

We have been learning about the Jewish celebration of Shabbat.  We read a book about a boy who made a Shabbat box.  We decided to make a Box of all the objects that we would need to celebrate Shabbat.  As part of this we made Challah bread.  If you would like to have a go click on the link to get the recipe that we used. Challah bread