Year Six

Parents Letter Year 6 Summer 2

Year 6 Summer Term Letter

Maths Cafe

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Solving mathematical problems.  We have to try lots of different ways of working, work logically, and explain our thinking to each other.  We needed resilience to keep going at some of these problems.

Judaism Learning

We have been learning about Yom Kippur the Jewish celebration of atonement.

RE Autumn Term 2016

As part of our unit of work “THE KINGDOM OF GOD” we have been exploring parables which explain what the Kingdom of God is like.  We produced some drama, creating a modern day version of the Parable of the great banquet.



This week year 6 have been reading and exploring a range of classical poems. We are planning to plan and write our own next week (hopefully I can post some on the website!)

We have also started our Science Enquiry work on Electricity. We have been building electrical circuits with different components. We found out about how circuits work and what factors could change how the circuit worked.