Year One

 Our Visit to the Time and Tide

We had a fabulous morning time travelling to find out about holidays in the past.  We met a Victorian holiday maker and found out about about the clothes she wore for the seaside and some of the activities she did.  We decided that we preferred our biscuit cones to the penny licks that people shared.  We then visited the 1960’s and pretended to be Mods and Rockers.  We got ready to go out, got on our bikes and mopeds and rode out along the sea front. Then learnt how to dance Mod and Rocker style and went to the local dance.  After looking at the Seaside area of the museum, we watched a Punch and Judy show.


Open the Book

We had a visit this week from the open the book team. They helped us think about the reserection of Jesus and how he appeared to his friends.

Telling the time

We have been playing games to help us get better at telling the time.   We are getting good at telling o’clock times and are starting to read halfpast times.  To help us at home get us to tell you the time, especially linking it to things we do at different times of the day.

Takeaway-Homework-Menu-Summer 2

parents letter summer 2

Glow Jars

We have been making glow jars.  We made them in response to the story “The Dark”.  We wrote a set of instructions to tell other people how to make them.

More money

We have been learning about the different values that the coins have and how we can add them to make a total cost.


This week we have been learning to clap beats using musical notation

Year One and Two Mass

Thank you for all the parents who turned up to join us to celebrate Mass with us on Friday 5th May.  The children participated really well.  They read, lead the prayers and sung beautifully.  A number of the congregation commented afterwards on the joyful way they sung the “Sing it in the Valleys” Hymn, it is one of our favourites!

Money Money Money

We are working with money in Year One for the next few weeks.   The children are learning to identify the different coins and understand that they have different values.  We played a game were we used 1p and 10p coins.  We took turns rolling a dice to decide how many pennies to pick up.  When we reach 10 pennies we swapped them for a 10p coin.  The winner was the first one to reach 20p.


Open the Book

We had a lovely assembly with the Open the Book team.  They told us the story of how Jesus appeared to the disciples in the upper room and how Thomas was missing.  We had lots of questions to ask them about this story.

Visit from the Bishop

We joined the school for a celebration Mass with the Bishop. After Mass the Bishop came and joined us in class.  We were very interested in his miter (Bishop’s hat) and crosier (bishop’s staff).

Shape work April 2017

We have been exploring shapes this week.  We started by sorting them different ways and looking at some of the properties that they have.  We are getting better at recalling the mathematical names for both three and two D shapes and are starting to use words like vertices, edges and faces to talk about the properties of shapes.


parents letter summer 1

Take Away Homework for Summer 1

homework menu Summer 1

Our Visit to Wroxham Barns

This was to support our science learning about animals and their young. We also learnt about how to look after and feed some of the animals.

Sylvester the snake came to visit Year 1

Judaism Visit

We are learning some stories that Jewish people and Christians share.  We looked at some objects that Jewish people used to help them celebrate.


Year One have been learning about God’s beautiful world.  We have been thinking about how we can take good care of it.  We went outside to see if there were any areas of our school grounds that need looking after.

Trip to Gressenhall.
Year one and two really enjoyed their day to Gressenhall. Thankfully the sun was shining. We helped choose food from the local shop for a coronation party, we danced to music playing on the record player and saw the Suffolk punch horses.

Year One Stay and Play – 1.12.15

Year One took part in a Christmas Numicon stay and play.  Thank you for all the parents who joined us.  Here are some of the comments made about the afternoon:

“Another great stay and play afternoon.”

“Thank you for this afternoon, it was good to see how numicon helps my child with maths.”

Judaism Fortnight

We have been learning about some stories that are important to Jewish people.  We have learnt about Abraham and Sarah.  We used the small world play to retell their story.