Year Four

Year 4 Summer Term 2017 Letter

Puzzle Cafe

Solving mathematical problems.  We have to try lots of different ways of working, work logically, and explain our thinking to each other.  We needed resilience to keep going at some of these problems.


How Hill!

On Friday 15th April, Year 4 visited the How Hill Trust to find out more about natural habitats in our local area. We took part in a nature walk, where we identified different species of trees (and even hugged a few); investigated habitats of insects under logs and even tracked Chinese water deer and the native red deer.

In addition to our nature walk, we also explored pond habitats through dyke dipping. We found snails, water boatmans and beetles (and the odd bit of pond weed).

After lunch we found out more about the food chain by playing a game called blackbirds, hawks and crows. We found out that it is really important that we have a balanced food chain so that species can survive.

Even though it rained all day, we had a fantastic time and learned lots about natural habitats.


Rolling over large logs to investigate what is underneath.


Lifting logs to explore habitats of insects such as millipedes and centipedes. Year 4 can now identify the difference between them!


Tree hugging to identify different woodland tree species


In the bird hide, where we saw bulrushes (or ‘sausages on sticks’ as William called them!) and other wildlife.


Getting a mud facial!


Dyke dipping


More dyke dipping.


Learning more about food chains.


Learning about food chains by playing blackbirds, hawks and crows.


‘A blackbird family’!


Crows preying on baby blackbirds!


Prey running from predators!


Having fun in the rain!