Year R Summer Term 2017 Letter

Africa Alive

On Friday, the children in Reception and Year 1 visited Africa Alive for their school trip. We saw lots of exciting animals, including a giraffe, a rhinoceros, a lion and lots of meerkats! The children took part in a discovery workshop, where they explored different creatures including a tortoise, a giant millipede and even a python! Many of the children were really brave and held the creatures and learnt the correct way for touching the snake. We learnt lots of new language to describe the animals, such as exoskeleton, constrictor and decomposer. Ask your child all about our visit to see if they can remember what these words mean!

Learning about Shapes

For our latest topic, the children have been learning all about 2D and 3D shapes. We all went on a shape hunt around the school grounds, looking for shapes in the environment. There were lots of lovely activities to help us investigate shape, such as printing, making shapes from salt dough and examining shapes on our light board. The children were able to investigate shapes frozen in ice and made predictions about what would happen. They became very enthusiastic scientists, experimenting with ways to melt the ice! To celebrate our learning, we planned a shape party, where the children all made shape hats and shortbread biscuits. There were games where the children moved their bodies into different shapes and we had some lovely party food. The children were very excited to tell us that the tomatoes were spheres and the biscuits were cylinders!

Christmas celebrations

The children had a wonderful time celebrating the build up to Christmas. We all wore our festive jumpers to share a delicious Christmas lunch, with crackers, turkey and all the trimmings! There was a party, where we played games such as musical bumps, musical statues, pass-the-parcel and we even had a dance competition! The children were really pleased for each other, even when they didn’t win a game themselves-they all had such excellent Christmas spirit! The term was rounded off with a visit from Father Christmas himself!

Christmas Stay and Play

The Early Years unit held a Christmas stay and play, with many exciting and engaging activities. The children were able to make their own wrapping paper by sponge printing festive shapes onto sugar paper. We made stables from Duplo and explored floating and sinking by using baubles in the water tray. To support their fine motor development, the children made paper chains and cut out snowmen and reindeer with moveable parts. There was a number hunt outside, where the children searched for digits 1-20 and wrote down where they found them. Making reindeer food was a very exciting activity…I’m sure Father Christmas and his reindeer will be very happy on Christmas eve! Thank you to all the parents who came along to support us-it was lovely to see so many of you there and to have such positive feedback.

Trip to the Pantomime

The children had a fantastic time at the Panto today. We had lots of fun watching Dick Whittington and the whole class loved joining in with shouting and cheering! They represented the school beautifully with excellent behavior and made us very proud. Oh yes they did!

God’s Creatures

The children have been learning about the story of the Creation and how the world was made in the beginning. We then learnt about God’s creatures and how to care for animals. As part of this topic, we had a very special visitor! Emily Harper, our Parent Support Adviser, brought in Rosa the dog to meet the children. We heard how Emily cares for Rosa and what to do if she becomes poorly. This inspired us to change our role play area into a vets surgery, where the children have developed their storytelling and imaginative skills by caring for toy animals. The children helped to care for animals in our own environment by making bird feeders from lard and bird seed and hanging them in our outdoor area.


This half term, the children have begun their football training, having a 30 minute football session each week, delivered by East Coast Community Healthcare. The children are learning football skills, such as how control and pass the ball. This helps them to develop their team building, as well as other very important aspects of being part of a team such as communication, listening and following instructions.

12.11.15 – Reception Stay and Play

Thank you to all the parents who came to join in our number fun.  You have not missed the opportunity to purchase a Numicon set, if you would like one please let us know, as we have a few sets left. Here are some of the comments that parents made about the event:

“Great Stay and Play session. Very interested to find out about Numicon. I’m sure it will greatly help with maths.”

“It has been a pleasure spending time with my son seeing what he is doing in school. Many thanks for making this opportunity happen.”

“Very good stay and play, lots of learning activities using Numicon.”

“Really enjoyed today. Have learnt a lot myself and new was to help my son learn his numbers.”

“…Enables learning methods within the class to be extended to home.”

Our first half term in Reception

The children have had a wonderful half term settling into their new class and building relationships with one another. We have worked hard to develop core skills, such as sharing and turn taking, independence and speaking to each other to problem solve. The children have learnt how to hear initial sounds in words, how to count and how to recognise shapes. Their physical skills are developing very well through using the bikes and balancing equipment outside. What little stars they are!