Week Beginning 27/11/17

We are starting to think about Advent this week. Advent is a time when we prepare to celebrate the coming of our Lord: immediately at Christmas, and at the end of time for Jesus Christ’s glorious coming.
Advent is also a time when we train ourselves to be ready to meet Jesus who comes to us every day in other people, events and situations and lovingly challenges us. We may not be able to see or understand immediately how he is helping us, but if we keep our hearts open to him he will give us what is best.  The children will be thinking about how they can get ready for Jesus’ Birthday and how they can show love, hope, peace and joy in their lives and with others.

Mathematically we will be exploring shapes and their names

T-N-105-2D-shape-word-mat_ver_2 t-n-106-3d-shape-word-mat_ver_2

For phonics we will be using the sounds that we have so far to make some words.  We will also be continuing to work on listening for where sounds come in words and particularly hearing beginning sounds and end sounds (rhyme).

Week Beginning 20/11/17

We are continuing with the theme of people who help us when we are in trouble.  We will be looking at getting help when they is a problem. Practicing asking and responding questions about the problem when pretending to ring the emergency services.  This week we will be looking at linking sets of objects to their numeral and starting to record our maths thinking on paper.  this week we will be recalling all the letter sounds we have learnt so far and learning about tricky words (ones that are difficult to decode phonically).

Phase 2 tricky words

All the sounds that we have learnt with pictures of the actions have been added to the home learning section.  Click on home learning on the left and then scroll down to the Phonics button.  The action cards are at the bottom of the post.

Week Beginning 13/11/17

This week we are learning about the Emergency services and people who help us when we are in trouble.  We will be pretending to be doctors and asking questions to find out what is wrong with our patients, making emergency vehicle models and playing maths games to get the emergency vehicles to the the fire. We will be looking at making sets of emergency vehicles and finding the total amount of vehicles that we have. (If you have any clean bandages or plasters that you no longer require, we would be grateful for them for our role play area)

Our phonics this week are…

Learning about our teeth – 10.11.17

We were lucky to have Henry the horse come and his friend come and talk to us about keeping our teeth healthy.  We learnt about the importance of cleaning our teeth, visiting the dentist and choosing snacks that are good for our teeth.

Phonics Stay and Play Cafe – 7.11.17

We had a wonderful afternoon sharing our phonic learning with our families.  We looked at one of our phonic stories together, showed our visitors the actions to go with the sounds we learnt, played games, read letters and words and enjoyed lots of wonderful stories together.  Thank you to all the parents to made the time to come along.

Here are some of the comments that parents and carers made about the event.

Really enjoyable range of Phonic led activities, Thank you.

It’s a good interactive kind of activity. Thank you.

Thank you we have enjoyed this stay and play.

Thank you for the opportunity to see how they learn phonics.  I enjoyed the session and found it of value.

valuable learning experience for parents as well as children.  I enjoyed the session today.

Thank you for today, my son loves doing reading. Hope one day they could do writing as well.

Week Beginning 6/11/17

This week we will be looking at these graphemes

We will be continuing to think about fireworks reading and performing more firework poems, but will also be reading some other poetry by Michael Rosen

We are looking at matching numerals with amounts and counting out amounts to match the numeral.

Remember that this week we will also be having our “Phonics Cafe” on Tuesday.  Please fill in reply slip or let the office know it you are able to attend.

Week beginning  30.10.17

This week we will be looking at these graphemes

We will be starting a new unit of learning called “Celebrations”. Our initial focus will be Bonefire Night and Fireworks.

  • We will learning and performing some songs with actions about fireworks.
  • We will be looking at the sounds that fireworks make.
  • We will be counting pretend fireworks and finding one less when one explodes and is gone.
  • We will be making firework related pictures and models

Please remember your child is being dropped off at the main playground.

Your child will also need their PE kit on wednesdays as we are starting PE in the Hall (Please also make sure that your child does not have earrings in that day, as we cannot take earrings out for children and your child cannot do PE with any jewellery on)

Week beginning 16.10.17

These are the graphemes that we are learning this week

phonics wk2

Now we are starting to know a few more letters we will be putting them together to make some simple words.

We will also be focusing on RE this week;

  • Know that God cares for each of us
  • Hear about things God has created
  • Know that God asks us to care for the world
  • Know that God created each one of us special and different

This week is also parent evening please sign up online for a slot.  If you are unable to make it, please let one of the reception staff know and we will try to find another time to meet you.

We are starting our Phonics teaching this week


The first sounds that we will be listening and looking at are s, a, t, p; we will be reading the following books alongside each sound

s – My pet snake

a – The big sneeze

t – The tip tap dancing cat

p- Pirate Pete

There is more information about how we teach reading and phonics on the Home links section on the left hand side of this page, if you would like to find out more. Including a particularly useful video on how to pronounce each sound correctly.


Harvest Festival

Thank you to all the families who supported this event by bringing in tins, packets and money.  We had a brilliant response from Reception class.  The tins and packets will go to a local food bank, shich supports families in times of crisis and the money  (£25.61 raised by reception class) will go to CAFOD will give you more information if you are interested.

Transistion questionaire letter 2017

Thank you to all the reception parents who responded to the Transition Questionnaire.  We were very grateful for you feedback and have already taken steps to act on some of it.  Below is the responses we got to each question as a percentage.

I received clear information about the admissions procedures well in advance of my child starting school.

76% strongly agreed

24% agreed

I found the stay and play sessions useful

88% strongly agreed

1% agreed

1% don’t know

I was able to share information about my child and ask any questions that worried me at the home visit

80% strongly agreed

20% agreed

The staff in reception class were approachable and supportive.

88% strongly agreed

6% agreed

6% disagreed

My child has settled well into school.

70% strongly agreed

30% agreed

The class letter and class page of the website have helped me to know what is going on in my child’s class.

53% strongly agreed

47% agreed

The school office staff were helpful and supportive.

88% strongly agreed

6% agreed

6% don’t know

I was able to use the school system for booking lunch easily.

88% strongly agreed

12% agreed

First Day at St Mary and St Peter 7.9.17

Well done to all the children who spent their first morning with us in Reception today.  It was wonderful to have you and everyone commented how well you settled into class.  We are looking forward to having a wonderful term with you.

Sept 2017 Year R parents letter[2] (1)

Welcome to St Mary and St Peter

Stay and Play 6/9/17

Thank you to all who came to the Stay and Play this morning.  The children had a lovely time exploring their new learning area.  It was also great to start to get to know you all.