Nursery Summer Term 2017 Letter

Spring Term 2 – 2017 Curriculum Newsletter

Our Christmas Performance

Twinkle Twinkle Christmas Star

Numicon Stay and Play 29.11.16

A fantastic hour of mathematical learning took place this morning in Nursery when we were joined by our parents to learn all about number.  The children explored a variety of activities that supported them in developing number concepts. Parents also had a chance to see some of the approaches that we use to help the children learn, including Numicon.  There was also an opportunity to buy Numicon sets that could be taken home to practice with.  Parents said:

Lots of great activities and ideas to help assist at home with learning.

Thank you again for another lovely session. It was well planned and executed.  It is great to be involved with our child’s learning.

Had lots of fun at Stay and Play. Lots of fun activities. Great to see what my child is learning at nursery!

Number Stay and Play – 3.11.15

We had lots of fun in Nursery singing number songs and using the Numicon with our families.

Comments form the morning included

“Had a fun time, especially the number hunt.”

“Had a great time really enjoyed that they are learning as well as playing.”

“A great way to spend a morning.”

Maths is fun this document is an explanation of what Numicon is and how it can be used at home with your EYFS child.