The Governing Body is the Admissions Authority and decides the total intake for September using a recognised Department for Children Schools and Families calculation which assesses the available accommodation.

The Planned Admission Number (PAN) for intake into Reception in September 2018 is 30 as is the maximum class size. Each application for the school will be considered fully and the Governors will endeavour to accommodate all Roman Catholic applicants. The school is primarily for the education of Roman Catholic students between the ages of 4 and 11 years. There is no defined catchment area.

The Governors are pleased to accept non Roman Catholic students provided the parents agree to support the ethos of the school and there are places available at the time of application.

Standard application forms are issued by the Local Authority Children’s Services Department. Parents wishing to apply for a place at St Mary and St Peter Catholic Primary School (whether as a first, second or third option) should also complete the school’s application and supplementary information forms and return them to the school office as soon as possible together with the child’s original baptism certificate (copies will not be accepted) from the Roman Catholic church. Children who were baptised in another Christian church and subsequently received into the Catholic Church will be treated as those originally baptised into the Catholic Church.

How to apply for a place

All admissions to St Mary and St Peter Catholic Primary School are undertaken by the Local Authority. To apply for a place at St Mary and St Peter Catholic Primary School please ensure you complete the application form provided to you by the Local Authority. This form is available from the Admissions Team at Norfolk County Council. In addition please complete the Supplementary Information Form available from the school office. Parents must apply to the LEA for a place for their child. This includes applications for those children who already attend our Nursery. Filling in a Supplementary Information Form for the school does not constitute a valid application and is not compulsory.

The school provides for the admission of all children in the September following their fourth birthday. However, parents can request that the date their child is admitted to the school is deferred until later in the school year or until the child reaches compulsory school age in that school year. Parents must take up the full-time place no later than the beginning of the term after the child’s fifth birthday, and must in any case take up the place before the end of the academic year for which the original application was accepted.

We regard Travellers who move into the catchment area of a school as ordinarily resident in that area when considering applications for a school place.

If the final place at the school is offered to a twin /triplet and the remaining siblings would ordinarily be refused a place the Governors will offer paces to the remaining sibling’s. It is not Governors policy to separate twins/triplets etc unless such admissions would breach infant class size legislation

If the Governing Body`s decision is not to grant a place for your child, you have the right to appeal against their decision. You will be sent information on how to appeal and a “Notice of Appeal Form” by Norfolk County Council. Parents should contact the Admissions team at Norfolk County Council for further guidance.

Admissions Criteria

Please click on the Policy below for details of criteria used for processing all applications for admission to this school.

You will also need to download and complete the Supplementary Information Form (SIF) below and return to the school office.


Admissions Policy

Admissions SIF 2017

Admissions for September 2019

We are currently consulting on our admission policy for September 2019 admissions.  We have a duty to consult on any proposed admissions arrangements.  Please see the proposed policy and supplementary information form (SIF) documents for September 2019 Admissions, by clicking on the links below:

SMSP Admission Policy – 2019

Supplementary Information Form – 2019

Please send any comments you might have to the school office at: by 31st January 2018.  Governors will consider all views, and will finalise the policy by the end of February 2018.  Thank you for your interest.